About Axie Art Markets

We run a perfect blockchain technology which cuts across the world and the metaverse.

Supporting more than 50+ countries

Open transactions with more than 30+ currencies

Customer Service with more than 5+ languages


All contracts are registered within blockchain and are 100% safe. Premium-NFTS guarantees the security for all users.

Only Real Art

All users are subject to quality check, which benefits all buyers seeking artwork verification before purchase.


ArtWorks that are published for the first time on our platform are guaranteed to be unique and are proved to be provided by their author and would generate sales


All users of the platform conduct payments through the internal wallet which can be topped up using other crypto wallets and all available conversion platforms as we encourage diversity into other forms off cryptocurrencies as well..


The buyers and artists don't have to provide his/her personal data and has the right to stay anonymous when performing purchases (although our artists are advised to have an open identity as to make it easy for people to locate them and their works).

Community Development and Collaborations

In the means to promote young and promising artists as well as new artists in the NFT space we give them an international stage to put their showcase their works on the platform and with our open collaborations each artists stands a chance of being showcased on our Premium-NFTS featured list depending on our art curators.